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Round tubular silencers

Rectangular tubular silencers

Acoustic rectangular silencer


Ventilation silencers are designed to increase comfort using ventilation systems - prevent the spread of noise in the ventilation duct.

They are installed directly into the duct and, due to their design, reduce the noise level.

Company "ST Spetsmontazh" produces silencers for air ducts of various kinds.

  • Round tubular silencers;
  • Rectangular tubular silencers;
  • Acoustic rectangular silencer.

The surface of the muffler is made of galvanized sheet steel. Inside it is filled with a special sound-absorbing material, and outside it is upholstered with a simple foil. You can buy noise suppressors from us at reasonable prices.

For consultation, please contact the specialists of ST Spetsmontazh by phone numbers listed on the site, or send a request.

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