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Ventilation fittings

Ventilation fittings are the elements of the ventilation system, necessary to make ventilation channels of complex configuration, as well as the connection of various components and air ducts with themselves. Both round and rectangular air ducts are completed with shaped parts of the corresponding section.

Company "ST Spetsmontazh" produces the following types of fittings:

    • bends are used to change the direction of the air flow under different corners;
    • reducers - interconnect the segments of air ducts of different diameters or different section;
    • male and female couplings- for quick and durable connection of straight sections of airducts, manufactured with or without thread;
    • T-pieces are the connecting element for the three sections of the trunk, necessary for combining two air ducts or canal ramifications;
    • saddles -are similar to T-pieces , but provide an opportunity to make branch of the airduct after the installation of the system;
    • duct end caps - finite elements, blocking the flow of air;
    • cross tees - designed for hermetic distribution of air flow;
    • adapters - prevent the appearance of unnecessary noise in the ventilation system;
    • bias reducers- designed for connection at the junction of multi-level ducts.

                Ventilation fittings for air ducts TM "ST Spetsmontazh"

                For various ventilation systems, the fittings are selected in accordance with the material, diameter and configuration of the main duct sections. In the product line of our production all types and sizes of fittings are presented, which are necessary for completing the ventilation systems of objects for various purposes.

                The use of various systems of connecting ventilation fittings allows you to carry out the installation of ventilation channels of various configurations in the most difficult terms.

                Order the fittings by sending the application form on our website, or contact the manager by phone.

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